Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Image 2- Starting to Build Up & a Few Adjustments

Today I took the scary step into beginning to fill up my 'scenes' with anything and everything Futurist garden. I chose image 2 to start with as I felt I knew the placement of everything for this image best from my original plan. I wanted to get a floor plane in to begin with so that I had something to place the bottoms of all my objects on that way nothing would be floating or sinking. However, I knew from my visit and image that strangely enough the ground of the courtyard is not flat but instead slopes downwards into the main courtyard area when you reach the statue.

Speaking to Alan about this he told me that I would need to move my grid further back and build up the building section in the background to work out where the highest part of the ground is before it slopes. Using this I could place the lowest part of ground in and then build up the slope back to the highest level.

And now it's time for some planting!

I think that works there :)

And in case you're wondering what the plant looks like rendered, it looks like the below black blob at the moment because I have not set up my lighting.

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