Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Unit 6: Idea 1

When we first had the briefing for unit 6 an idea struck to mind straight away with an art direction I could perhaps use. I think it was the mention of barriers stopping the division of cells after they have done their job but the cancer cells ignoring these barriers that got this idea popping into my head.

My first idea is giving the story of normal cell division being interrupted by the non-stop cancer cell division a retro gaming feel with the very vivid and classic arcade colouring and stylisation. It was probably the pac-man games that started off this idea in my head of this evil cancer cell munching through these barriers.

Pong also inspired me because of the bouncing action that surrounds the gameplay. Maybe the cells that have divided enough could bounce off the barriers because they've been stopped from going through.

This art direction would target teenagers because of the resurgence of retro and even children because of the bright colours.



tutorphil said...

retro... ooh :)

Mike said...

I love the reto feel here! I particualy like the 2Dnes of it all.