Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Webster Experimentation in Stop-Motion

I took a couple of my plasticine poses and made some shot animations of them in Premiere Pro to help me test them out.

This one I was testing out Webster's trying to impress strut movement of his leaves. I have learnt that to slow it down in my real animation I will need a lot of frames for it as this one is too fast and that his head should sort of turn from left to right to have a front/back sway of the leaves but also a left/right sway. I think this would express his want to look nice for Delilah. Displaying his leaves as such but also be more consistent of a walk cycle (our heads move to either side with each step) and a bit more nerdy.

Doing this experiment has really helped me visualise how I can have Webster spin during his celebratory/giddy dance.

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tutorphil said...

Hey Emma - great to see you getting to grips with visualising the very real challenge of breaking movement down - and then building it back up again; I really liked your previous post when you compared Webster to a court jester - a perfect characterisation and helpful too to understanding his movement.