Friday, 4 January 2013

Colour Comparisions- Sidekick & Heroine

To help me with my colour choice of the sidekick I popped the colour experiments I did on the same canvas as my heroine to see which seems to sit best with her. I'm still not very sure but am now leaning towards #2 as I don't think he overshadows her but also stands out in his own right. I'm still not too keen on the silver though.


Lydia Caplan said...

I'm really liking 2 although he doesn't have colours matching the hero, yet I don't think that matters - his colours give him a softness making it apparent he is a good owl!!! :)

Mike said...

yes, i think a change in colour to your her would be good. the way you have designed him is brill, matches right up to your hero :) I like 4 my self.

Emma Foster said...

Thank you guys! :D