Monday, 21 January 2013

Key Extracts from Around the World in 80 Days

To help me narrow down which two environments I would like to adapt from the novel I have been searching through the book for interesting setting descriptions. I have got to the halfway point of the book and have found the below already.

Doing two environments means that it would be nice to have contrasting ones so a European one and a more oriental one.

I think I would like to do part of the Reform Club for my European one as there is a lot of good description for rooms in here and an internal environment alongside an external environment would be a nice contrast. I am still not sure which oriental enivronment I would like to do yet from what I have found but there are still a few more destinations left in the book so I may find the right one from them.

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Adria said...

Hi Emma, I like your idea of adapting a Jules Verne's novel. And I think you have your project on the right track.

Taking inspirations from Rochester, that's a wonderful idea. Just keep going that way.