Friday, 4 January 2013

Sidekick Development to Final Design

After Justin helpfully sent me a few links I tried to make my sidekick more 60s-fied with retro cameras, fans and umm strange hand massage machines. There was also of course the lava lamp influence carried forward. I also tried to figure out how my sidekick would 'work' such as how he could rotate his head, close his wings and show expression in his face. I chose suitable 1960s appliances/technology to adapt for each of these roles.

The which has now become a very scruffy sketch of my sidekick was me trying to pose him and also figuring out how to put the owl wing anatomy back in so that he looked convincing. He is not yet fully posed right in this image I have a few tweaks to do for my final image of him. However, I am very happy with him :)

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