Friday, 4 January 2013

Sidekick Colour Experiments (Feedback Please!)

I have been experimenting with colour palettes for my sidekick below. The colours are already limited to colours that compliment my heroine nicely so there are not as many because they have been narrowed down. I did one experiment with turquoise lava but it just linked to my here too much and made my sidekick sort of fade into the background so I tried to think of other colours that compliment turquoise/teal and settled on a sort of yellow or orange, beige, brown or a light green colour. These are the colours I experimented with below but tried to limit to a use of 3 colours in each experiment. I also used silver as the metallic parts but I'm not sure if this works or whether more beige would. Perhaps going the same as my hero with gold?

Which do you think works the best or are there any other suggestions for colour ways I could go?

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