Monday, 12 December 2011

Dan Witz's work

After browsing through the Unit 3 label on the group blog again I thought I would look further into Dan Witz's work because of the lighting that has such a big impact on the atmosphere and which helps create the uncanny felling of his work. I think this would be useful for my work because I want to create something that uses darkness broken up by areas of light bouncing about to create an uncomfortable, still mood.

I like how he places the majority of the light in the centre of the image fading out into nothingness, maybe this could be something I could think about in my environment.

I also find it interesting how he seems to isolate his key subject from everything else in the painting, its uncanny in this way because it doesn't feel as though the key subject should be there, as if it has been cut out and stuck there.

I have also noticed that Witz uses a lot of one particular colour in his pieces which is really effective because it suggests importance to this but is still ambiguous because we are unsure what the focus of the colour is.

Similarly to Edward Hopper his pieces feel like miniature objects as part of a replica scene like a dolls house but because of the realism this is quite unnerving to look at them in that way.


papuzka said...

I really like the first 2 pictures, but all of them create nice feeling of mystery ;) I will have to research Dan Witz myself as well.

Emma Foster said...

Yeah his work does emit mystery so well but its not just any mystery, its a mystery that you can't help feel disturbed and uncomfortable by. I just love his lighting which conveys this mystery even more!