Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Unit 3: Online Greenlight Review

Online Green Light Review 13-12-11

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tutorphil said...

OGR 13/12/2011

Hey Emma,

A satisfying interim point, because you've evidently taken the time to identify the conceptual compass points of the Unit. I know you've experienced some distress at the 'not knowing' - but you've applied yourself, and I already sense that you're bringing the project back under your control. Your essay introduction is reassuring, in so much as it is very clearly outlined and it's clear too that you've already got some reading under your belt, including Freud's essay. Your Unit 2 essay lacked rigor and analytical content (it was nonetheless perfectly readable), so use this assignment to demonstrate your intellectual powers of analysis and synthesis (i.e. making new ideas and insights from applied research and discussion). In regard to your digital set ideas - they still feel a little congested, and I suggest you strip it down much further - perhaps dedicating a set of thumbnails to each aspect/component you've identified. I really like those looming Russian dolls - I wasn't familiar with these works, so thanks for sharing. Remember - there's always the danger of 'double-coding' your scene - i.e. using toys (which are themselves capable of producing the uncanny effect), but then also using mirrors, and then, and then... Like I said, have the confidence to explore some of these uncanny characteristics in isolation; it may be that combining them creates sparks, or a damp squib. Use the thumbnailing process to sort this creative problem - and start generating some digital concept art in addition so you can start thinking in terms of art direction and atmosphere. Good stuff, Emma - but more confidence! :)