Thursday, 1 December 2011

Unit 3: Initial Ideas

Since Monday's briefing I have been researching further into the uncanny, unheimlich and tableaux vivant and trying to piece together initial ideas for what environment I could construct. I made a list of possible environments.

Toy Shop
Sweet Shop
Children's playground/bedroom
Old style garden (Victorian kitchen garden)
School Room
Clock Shop/Antiques store
Ballet Studio

I have a big interest in the vintage/distressed mood so it feels natural for me to approach this unit with this in mind and is some way getting this across in my final piece. Some of these possible environments would feel more uncanny than others with this distressed, rustic feel such as the playground, theatre, sweet shop and ballet studio because alongside our familiarity with these environments the emptiness, untouched yet stripped aesthetic doesn't sit well with us; there is something wrong about this.

I put together some influence maps of things relating to these environments, thanks to Steven and Gabe I looked at the Chernobyl funfairs/playgrounds and the playgrounds of Fear 2 which create a sense of uneasiness and stop you wanting to look at them. I also looked at elements of Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain which I think I may look at more because it does feel rather uncanny.

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J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

Hey :] new unit and a whole lot of new ideas. from the list of your ideas I find that Victorian garden and antique shop were the least used ideas for this unit, in contrast to children's playground,or train station which was all time favourite choices :D