Saturday, 31 December 2011

Technical Exercises: Pre-Viz Thirds, Diagonals, & Perspective practise

Some more maya work but now that I've finished the texturing tasks its back to the pre-viz. Here are my thirds and diagonals guides in maya and examples I have applied them too as well as the other guides perspective, vanishing point, and combining thirds, diagonals and perspective in the tutorial.

Pre-vis thirds.

Pre-vis diagonals.

Applying knowledge to examples:

Finding Nemo's Use of thirds.
The main characters being right in the centre of the thirds draws your attention to them but is also effective in making the scene feel cramped with all the Jellyfish taking up the rest of the frame.

Pirates of the Caribbean's use of diagonals.
The use of diagonals here is effective in setting the scene and allowing the audience to keep an eye on the soldiers while their hero gets by safely.

Harry Potter's use of perspective.
Perspective here is effective in showing the journey of the Hogwarts Express but also expressing its size compared to Harry's tiny figure beside it evaluating the danger if he was to fall. The perspective fading to the right also stops to keeping your eye on the train all the time when the action is actually above it.

Up's use of vanishing point.
The vanishing point here is effective in showing the grand scale of balloon display and drawing your attention up as Karl starts his journey.

The Chronicles of Narnia's combined use of thirds, diagonals and perspective.
The combining here really sets the scene and shows the busy surroundings of Edward, it also helps suggest that some action is going to happen.

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