Monday, 5 December 2011

Gilmore Girls and Tableaux Vivant

Its great how the unlikeliest things sometimes prove great use for work. I happened to be watching an episode of Gilmore Girls a few days ago called 'The Festival of Living Art' which I found a great source into what Tableaux Vivant is.

The episode is about the little town of Stars Hollow being given the honour to host the annual Festival of Living Pictures and the townsfolk are given famous art pieces to embody during the festival. The episode actually looks at the difficulty of tableaux vivant with main character Lorelai being closely watched in her embodiment of The Renoir Girl because she apparently ruined it last time.

 Portrait of a Young Girl Named Anthea
The Last Supper

The Renoir Girl

There is a sense of the uncanny through this tableaux vivant. The viewer is actually quite creeped out at how painterly realistic the actors become yet still being them. The viewer watches these scenes of the episode uncomfortably because this isn't something they are used to these actors doing. It's strange to see these people in what look like actual paintings we are familiar with.

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