Thursday, 22 December 2011

Technical Exercises: Maya Introduction to Fur (Part 1)

Below is the Maya work I have done so far for the fur tutorials, I think I'm gradually getting the hang of it, fur was definately something I wanted to know how to create! Now time to get the rest done, hopefully this time Maya doesn't crash on me while I'm doing it!

100% Bear Fur- Default Render

100% Bear Fur- Added Shadows

100% Bison Fur- Learnt how to replace

50% Bear, 50% Bison- Learnt to blend

100% Porcupine Fur (Replace)

100% Sheep Fur (Replace)

25% Bear, Bison, Porcupine, Sheep- Multiple Blending

Polar Bear (Original)

Polar Bear (Fur lengthened)

Polar Bear (Added plane lambert)

Lighting and Self Shading

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