Saturday, 31 December 2011

Research into Essay Topic

I have been thinking a lot about my essay for this unit recently and have been doing some more research into it. At first I started to face a problem in that when looking for quotes to back up points I will make a lot of sources focused only on the Uncanny Valley side of things in Heavy Rain. There was a lot of the same ideas in these sources just reworded and there is also the fact that I don't feel the want to just talk about the Uncanny Valley in relation to Heavy Rain when I know there is soo much more than this theory relating to the characters and I don't think I could fill a whole essay on just this one idea.

So I started looking into the uncanny effect in videogames more generally where I found a lot more evidence from sources to back up my points, also finding much more interesting discussion about uncanny things in videogames that I hadn't even thought about and which can all be applied to discussion on Heavy Rain.

Below is a sort of brainstorm/mind map...whatever you wanna call it looking at different elements of Heavy Rain I can discussion the uncanny idea about. I'll post my list of quotes I might use to back theses elements up soon.

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tutorphil said...

This is exactly the right approach to ensuring a 'content-rich' assignment; you're ensuring that there is a solid body of research/evidence informing your discussion - as opposed to simply choosing a topic and hoping the body of evidence is there to support it. Again - your commitment to gaining the most from this unit - and all the new ideas it encompasses - is very satisfying! I look forward to the resulting assignment.