Monday, 25 March 2013

Modelling Continued: Adding the Giant Globe

Trying to keep my blog up to date with my maya progress. The next step was to add the globe to the main stand. I was a bit scared it wouldn't fit to be honest after I'd changed the design a bit from my orthographic but I sat it in place and after just a couple of tweaks it fit just right :) I then added some extra parts to the globe to secure it in place at the top and not just the bottom. This will then allow the globe to spin diagonally on its axis and look realistic doing so.


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tutorphil said...

exciting - but just maybe give as much thought re. engineering and structure to the globe components and mechanism; maybe they should feel more 'built' and less solid - i.e. that you continue the design logic for the metal hoop you've used for the rest of the structure - and likewise think more about detailing the pivot point in terms of cast iron ornament etc. Otherwise, you might find that the scale gets confusing - with the effect of the globe part 'shrinking' the rest of the structure :)