Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Spiral Staircases Developed

I took staircases 3 & 4 from my previous post and played around with combining them. #1 was just the shape I ended up with and then the rest are incorporating patterns from my actual stand into the staircase so that the staircases will feel like a part of the stand and not just stuck on. I then started thinking about what the tops of the stairs would be like. A nice strip of British Empire coloured carpet or sticking with showing off the ironwork and having pattern elements again.

Out of the staircases I am going to use #4 for my final one as I think it is the most elegant and structurally matching with my stand. I then think I am going to use A for the actual stairs because I think it breaks up the iron work nicely and adds a bit more luxury.

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Lauren jonczak said...

You made great choices, that is what I would have picked to. I have always wanted an outdoor spiral staircase at my house. I think they add a nice touch of elegance. Thanks for sharing.