Saturday, 2 March 2013

Adaptation Pre-Viz

I have been putting together a pre-viz for my digital set so that I could figure out what will be seen and what will not. I have noticed that at times there is quite a bit of empty space which I am still not sure how to cover up. I did think I could make the archways smaller however the way the switchback railway is made means it is see through a bit anyway so it's not going to hide things away and save me modelling everything. The other option I thought of was to put circus like tents in the centre of the stand as if spectators have to go into them (paying a fee for whichever ones they want to go into) to be able to see parts of the stand. That would hide away some of the content but sound FX would still act as if they were there.
I'm not fully happy with the pre-viz yet but it is doing the job and bringing my digital set to life so it's getting there!

Oh and please ignore the random '' outbreaks, some of the sounds are placeholders which have not been purchased incase I find something better suited.

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