Friday, 15 March 2013

Victorian Pulley Systems Research

For some of my animation in my digital set to seem real world I need to figure out the mechanics behind how they could if they were in the 1800s. When it came to my hot air balloon I could have it go up using particle effects in maya to show how a hot air balloon typically goes up or I could use a pulley system. I'm still deciding which would add more interest into my scene but also which will give me less trouble doing as I already have a lot of effects to add and I don't want to burn out maya. However, in a way I like the whole pulley system as it seems somewhat rustic and more industrial, perhaps even more steampunk if I can figure out how I could get the pulley system to be steam powered.
I could even still include a bit of particle effects in the balloon suggesting the surveyors of the balloon turn on the flame at the beginning to make it feel like you really are flying in a balloon.

I did a couple of design sketches for potential pulleys and the last one shows how it could work if attached to the balloon (minus steam powering).

I prefer this last one compared to the other two. I think it fits into my world better.

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