Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Developed Switchback Railway Cars

When Justin visited a few weeks ago he gave me a few tips to take my designs further for my ride cars. My previous designs were shown at the interim crit and I have been focusing on finalising them. I had already decided I wanted quite different transport for my two cars and a steam train seemed the best place to start. Rather than having a steam boat I had taken the carriage Mrs Aouda gets to her relatives in as the other car. I have been experimenting with adding the rollercoaster mechanical elements too with the wheels and some Victorian engineering through steam powering to really make them pop!

I made up two carriage designs and decided that #1 seemed to work better. However, I then tried to add the steam powering into the design better so that it didn't just look like it had been stuck on the end like how smoke comes out the back of a car.

With my train I had already taken it further than my carriage previously so I used influence from Disneyland rides liek Justin suggested to really add some character. Where the passengers sit will be on coal cart type seats behind the main train.

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