Monday, 4 March 2013

Spiral Staircase Possible Shapes & Designs

I did a bit more research into spiral staircases for my stand because I really do not want my stand to lose its luxury and elegance from some horrible spiral staircases protruding from it but rather for them to enhance it.
From my research I made up four possible shapes of spiral staircases for my stand.

Out of the four I think 3 and 4 have a bit more elegance and luxury about them but also better structure due to the straight upright forms. I also think I could do a lot more with them design wise.
I then remembered the spiral staircase from the latest Doctor Who Christmas special which coincidently falls into the same era I'm focusing on.
I think this spiral staircase is a great influence for mine because it seems beautiful and dreamlike with its fine filigree detail.
Time to draw more staircases!!


tutorphil said...

yep, liking 4!

Lauren jonczak said...

I like the 3rd spiral staircase the best. I think it is the most elegant of them all. Thanks for sharing Emma.