Saturday, 24 September 2011

Film Review: The Fly (1986)

Film Review 'The Fly' 1986


tutorphil said...

Hey Emma,

I like the fact you've presented your reviews as a Scribd document, but I'm not sure if you're aware, but your review is riddled with really serious typos and spelling mistakes. Is this a Scribd issue, or do you experience difficulty with spelling etc.? For example, all your 'f's are missing on 'of'? It might be a formatting issue perhaps? Anyway, take a look. This review needs to be taken down and re-published - because, from what I can make out, the content is solid. It's important that you check the work you publish on your blog - you need to be your own quality control. Let me know if this is a Scribd thing, but why it should omit letters etc. I don't know... :(

Emma Foster said...

Oh no I have no idea why its doing that. :( It's strange as it is showing up fine on my screen. It definitely isn't my spelling or an issue with my not double checking my work as the smallest spelling error I make from typing irritates the hell out of me so I check and check my work as I go along as well as afterwards for those pesky errors that creep in. I'll have a look at scribd, if it doesn't improve I'll have to post it as a normal post :(