Monday, 5 September 2011

Final Machine Turnaround

Here is my machine turnaround. I wanted it to link well with the futuristic/fantasy feel of my structure so I thought about how the creature's matter could be shown at use in my concept. I think this was also a good way to bring the busy atmosphere of the factory into the painting.

 I also researched into industrial machines to look at possible scales and colour schemes, later settling on a scale much greater that an average human being (just look at how far down the buttons are compared to the top). To further get across my futuristic world I looked at existing futuristic films and games especially Portal 2 to help me with texture and material. I'm really pleased with the smooth chromatic finish that I settled on and I think the wheels and tubing add a nice touch to show how the machine functions.

Now all I have to do is create the evil creature that is causing so much havoc to these humans' lives.

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Domantas said...

Haha :D I remember those high-heeled shoes... We had them too. Really nice drawings though, but when you draw turnarounds from a bit more difficult perspective use as many perspective lines on a separate layer as you can. you can make them simply by using line tool and Guides, it really usually helps.