Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Final Lifeform Turnaround

Well here it is, my finished lifeform! :D I mixed together my favourite colour schemes from the last post to come up with some greeny grey colour scheme that to me looks slimey and as far as I know slimey creatures don't tend to be peoples' favourites which makes it perfect!

I also made the texture on my creature lighter as when looking back I felt it stood out too much against its skin and so didn't look like it fitted there. When I got to painting on the spikes I started to question whether the lifeform actually needed them. I didn't want it to become over full so I gave them a try but quickly lost them as they did what I feared they would.

With the eyes I settled on a blackened out glassy look as this is not my strong point so didn't want to draw 'proper' eyes that looked unrealistic and didn't fit the creature's characteristics. I think these eyes work well alongside the texture I chose and overall I am very happy with the final result considering that this was the turnaround I was least confident with.

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