Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lifeform Development

Now that I've finished my structure and machine it's time to move onto that lifeform that is the reason for all the disturbance. Throughout developing one of my inital concepts into this refined design I kept my structure and machine in mind as I didn't want to accidently drift away from the lifeform's purpose.
I had to especially consider how the 'molten matter' would be contained in the lifeform and then released as this plays a big part in how my machine works and the environmental effects on my structure.

Above is my refined concept where I figured out how this lifeform acted, however I have not yet decided where it's eyes will be or whether it will have eyes.. could it use it's other senses to navigate?

I have however been looking at colour schemes and textures for it.

I really like the textures of #1 and #3 however I think that #1's texture may already be too recognised as sea life whereas, #3 isn't. Also, I like the scaley, creepy effect #3's texture has and I could picture these scales as very solid and cold which I feel would represent evil well.

#2 reminds me a bit too much of fish scales but I like #4's texture as it is sort of leathery skin. I am not too keen on #4's colour scheme compared to the others as I feel it is too warm for an evil creature.
I would like to try mixing the colour schemes of #1 and #3 to get something in between as I feel these colours connote evil quite well.

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