Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Life Drawing: Week 2

Life drawing was really good this week, we experimented with a new technique where you had to draw using one line never taking your pencil off the paper unless you needed to rub something out but then you would have to go straight back to where you left off. Once you had got the basic form down you could go back to refine the proportions and could even continue this using the one line method if you wanted. Here are my results from the session.


I was really pleased that I managed to fit the whole figure on the page for the first one but the 2nd one, so close! I like how I did the hand the model was resting on in the 1st image which shows practicing hand studies really does pay off! Just gotta sort out my dodgy foreshortening of her feet.

I'm not very happy with how the 3rd one line sketch came out, the proportions are out all over so I will have to practice more with unusual poses like the one the model had. I like how the one line work for the 4th sketch came out, it was extremely useful for the fabric folds.

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