Sunday, 25 September 2011

Komondor research (2)

I decided a few days ago that the best way to start producing ideas for my hybrid was to look into the skeletal structure of my animal so that I have the basic form to work from and can tell how the animal works rather than relying on instinct and ending up with some mushed up hybrid that looks like it came across a Gilderoy Lockhart wannabe only to have all its bones removed.
                I will use this research along with my knowledge and some extra research into the human skeletal structure to lead me on my way with my portrait development. I think this could be really useful as I would combine key parts of both skeletons to form a hybrid skeletal structure as well as silhouettes to build my work on top of.

It wasn’t a success finding an exact skeletal structure for my breed of dog but I did find the basic skeleton for a general dog form.

I did however find a skeletal structure for a similar sized dog which references to the Komondor.

I am going to do some drawings of the skeleton to help me develop my knowledge of it as I feel that just looking at it will not familiarise myself with the form as much.


tutorphil said...

absolutely the right approach. Emma - no 'mushing up' here! :)

Steven Payne said...

wait a second... there was actually something living under all that hair? i thought it was some form of organic tent...

Steven Payne said...

but on a more productive note, good idea working from the inside out, and are you going to go for a natural dog-like stance or take a bipedal approach? as simply altering the stance could change the appearance of your hybrid entirely.