Thursday, 29 September 2011

Initial Thumbnails

Since doing my skeleton studies for my animal and the human I have been creating thumbnails for how my hybrid could look. The skeletons helped me identify important parts of both lifeforms that I do not want to lose in my final hybrid otherwise it wouldn't look well..hybrid!

Below I was looking further at the skeleton but I took parts of both to create a hybrid skeleton. I then tried to create poses for my hybrid.


Steven Payne said...

hey emma, loving the skeleton hybrids, they remind me of those crazy fake mermaids found in old victorian sideshows. completely unrelated and probably useless, but still, it sparked that thought in my head for some reason.

now, on a productive note, are you going to be taking a more human approach to the stance and movement of your hybrid, or a more animalistic angle? an obvious example of a dog-like creature with human mannerisms is Chewbacca. you couldn't get a better example of a human-like dog (other than brian from family guy. clifford the big red dog doesn't really count).
you could also incorporate the fur etc as an addition to a traditional human figure, similar to how zulu tribes people use rough furs for clothing.
i'm struggling to come up with useful and relevant suggestions, as it seems like you have a million different ways of approaching this!
of course, i know you'll develop something impressive and original, can't wait to see how this evolves further!

tutorphil said...

yes - these skeletal-fusions are enticing! Can't wait to see you flesh them out!