Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hand Studies

Well here are my studies of well.. my hand! Took me quite a while doing these as I was being very picky with getting proportions right especially foreshortening which I find likes to trick my eyes into making them see something completely wrong but HA you will not defeat me! I found Andrew Loomis' Heads and Hands as well as Figure Drawing For All It's Worth extremely useful for this exercise as he keeps things simple which I think has really helped with my outcomes.

I started off by drawing fingers from different angles to loosen up and get their tricky proportions right, I then started off my 1st hand observations with a basic flat hand pose which I am really pleased with especially proportion wise. After I experimented with diffent media such as biro and charcoal to see how this affected my drawings.

I am also really pleased with the fist type pose I did in charcoal. I like how the charcoal expresses the creases the clench of the fist makes. I also like my pointing pose as I think the foreshortening went quite well. I think there is something out of proportion in the middle drawing but am not sure quite what but other than that I'm happy with my outcomes.

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