Thursday, 22 September 2011

Life Drawing: Week 1

It was great getting back into some life drawing this week, it's been a while since I've done it and I feel rusty. Definately going to crack open some books for reference and keep practicing practicing practicing!

The aim was to try and fit the whole figure on the page which I just about managed to do here. I'm quite happy with this one as I think it shows the form ok but the proportions are still a bit dodgy especially around the head.
I've never done a proper life drawing session with a clothed figure before so was quite nervous with how to approach it which can proberly be seen through the beheaded figure (Sorry Freddie!) as I became more focused on getting the clothing to actually look like they encased body parts. I'm actually quite pleased with the jeans!
The last one unfortunately went back to my used to drawing big on big paper days making my figure headless, armless and feetless. I've never felt so sorry for a figure I've drawn and aim to next time... get more of the figure finished and get more of it on the page! Less is not more in this case.

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