Wednesday, 30 November 2011

L.A. Noire and the Uncanny Valley

While on a research hunt on the web into things that show the uncanny I stumbled across this article on Rockstar and Team Bondi's videogame L.A. Noire which I found really interesting. I had actually forgotten that this game is just one of many great examples which have taken gaming beyond gaming itself and more into the questioning of its reality and how far reality should be taken in gaming itself before it just becomes a misinterpretation of reality. I myself was a witness to this when a woman picked it up in front of me in a shop and showed her husband saying 'ohh this film looks great!'
This may just be a good source to look at for my essay!
How L.A. Noire Conquered The Uncanny Valley With A Tech Called MotionScan 


OllieNicholls said...

Thats an interesting source of research, that picture is awesome as well :). I remember a few years ago I was watching a video on the production of Finding Nemo and originally the animators made the ocean look so real they was asked to dull it down as it was impossible to distinguish between the animation and the real world.

Emma Foster said...

Ohh that is interesting and I just looked that up and found some stuff on pixar and the uncanny vally thanks Ollie!

Andrew said...

Haha I typed Uncanny Valley into google and your blog came up!!