Thursday, 19 January 2012

Development of Final Piece (Up to finished texturing)

Below is the process of my final piece up until I finished texturing and was moving onto lighting, I'll post my lighting tests in the next post.

Setting up my camera and using planes to simulate the row of houses and ground to help me know where to start.

Modelling the components of the carousel, using a cuboid as scale for a human

Starting to UV map the carousel before I move onto modelling the houses.

Modelled the horses and added them to the carousel, fully UV mapped it.

Modelling the base of the house

UV mapped the house before duplicating to save UV mapping individually

Duplicated the houses and UV mapped the rest of the scene

Started to texture the ground and the felt mat..which I eventually got rid of.

Texturing the carousel elements

Textured the house then applied to the duplicated ones.

Textured the light bulbs, adding a glow to show they are a light source.

Textured the horses, textured one then changed the colours.

Fully textured scene ready for lighting.

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