Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Thumbnails/Experimentation- Painting Wallpaper Pattern

If I want to add my window and wallpaper to my scene as my matte painting I have to make it convincing as like Phil said, it is the foremost element. If it doesn't look realistic enough it won't be as successful unlike if I was to do the furthermost background as my matte painting. I am keen on doing it though so have been practising with coming up with my own patterns for the wallpaper, that tiling technique Photoshop Phil taught us sure came in useful!!
I knew my wallpaper had to be ornate in some way because research showed me that decorative elements were a key part of style during the Victorian Era so I started mucking around with shapes, using existing ornate wallpapers as inspiration.

While painting and copying, pasting and mirroring my elements I came out with interesting shapes that would look nice if patterned. I love happy accidents! I finally settled on the image below as my base to duplicate, rotate and so on.

I then came up with some patterns from it which would be used to tile.

I especially liked #43, #44 and #45 so I started to sort them out into tiles and my results are below.

Tile and result for #43

Tile and result for #44

Tile and result for #45


Steven Payne said...

oooooh! very nice! simple, and yet, wonderfully effective!

Anita said...

these are beautiful emma!!

Emma Foster said...

Thanks guys!! :D