Monday, 9 January 2012

Thumbnail development

I've taken a couple of my window thumbnails into photoshop to make them clearer and play around with the placing of the carousel and how far the houses will be from the window. I decided that the carousel definately works better to the side rather than near the centre of the image because it just looks like it got chopped up and draws attention away from it.
I just made up a wallpaper from a Victorian pattern I found on google for now and bulked up the windows to make them more 3D, still got to decide on the final Victorian window type I would use, but definately something that doesn't obstruct the view too much. I also noticed something that was missing from the previous versions of the thumbnails, I forgot the curtains!

I found this site that will prove really useful if I do have this window view in my final scene as it looks at the aesthetics of Victorian homes such as colours and patterns used for decoration.


Anita said...

I'm really liking this idea Emma. I prefer the second image. The contrast between the interior and exterior will work well.

papuzka said...

The second picture is definitely better, the angle of the window creates different atmosphere. You could try exaggerating some shadows and adding some fine detail to them.

Emma Foster said...

Thank you both! The second one is my favourite too. Thanks for the tips Magda, def need to do that to make it more convincing :)