Thursday, 5 January 2012

New idea, new thumbnails

Here are some thumbnails for my new ideas/thoughts, I'm a lot happier with this than the toyshop as I seem to be able to get the drawings down easier. Gonna experiment in photoshop with a few to make them clearer and add some depth and atmosphere to help me develop where to head next with them, but particularly like 17 with the way the market stalls are fading into the distance and then you have this looming out of sync covered stall at the from. It might be nice to take that back though to see if it gives it more focus rather than being drawn to the distance where the usual stalls at night are.


tutorphil said...

Yes - I like 17 too - and I've been following your 'crisis of concept', watching with interest, and I'm pleased you've moved on - and yes, Witz's marooning of buildings in the middle of blackness is always evocative; perhaps it could be one of those carousels in the middle of the street, or lit up and strange, or maybe a single dodgem car, or a rocking horse - something very colourful, but a bit 'dark carnival' ?

Emma Foster said...

Thanks for the ideas Phil! :)