Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Initial Jotting

After the briefing I started making notes around my three components but focusing mainly on the character itself, making it have a back story and fitting the setting and prop in once this is established. I haven't gone into back stories just yet rather just jotting down possible pathways to get my ideas out and then applying these pathways to the other components for example, 'pirate' as in copying copyright material hidden out in his cluttered cellar, using a grappling hook to escape when he senses he has been caught.

Please excuse the rubbish picture I'm in between printers at the moment, mine's sitting there stubornly not working and laughing in my face while I wait for the postman so I can't use my scanner.


Anita said...

Hey emma, you know the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean where Jack Sparrow is standing on the mast and then the audience realise his ship is sinking? You could use a similar idea for this project. It could look as if your pirate is at sea. He throws the grappling hook out as if it is an anchor and there could be water splashing around like waves etc. But then, the camera zooms out and the viewer realises he's just in a barrel, in a flooded cellar. Just an idea that came to my head when we were talking today :)

Emma Foster said...

Thank you! I can see this much clearer in my head now than earlier in the jumble of mess my brain is lol