Monday, 9 January 2012

Gregory Crewdson's work

Today I started looking more at Gregory Crewdson's work because of his use of windows as frames for his action. However, these 'frames' do not just help draw attention to the scene inside them but show a contrast of worlds... the norm and the alien.

Take the photograph below with the usual boring window and wallpaper of an average person's home but then bam right in the middle of the window we get a shot of a person climbing...hang on is that some sort of beanstalk? Maybe this person lives at this home, they certainly fit the characteristics with their clothing. But then why are they outside with barely anything on climbing some plant like structure? It could be one of many reasons such as maybe they are bored of this average world and want to be thrown into something so abnormal.

Crewdson's work is full of ambiguity and questions and this is something Crewdson does so well, making the viewer wonder what is going on, where is this person going/doing? 'The viewer must imagine what comes before and after.' (npr, 2006)

Crewdson doesn't just take photographs but rather creates them through film techniques which stage them to feel like real scenes, tableaus of a person's real life and beliefs.

Image Detail

Image Detail

Bibliography (2006) Gregory Crewdson's Photo Alchemy (Accessed 09/01/2012)

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