Thursday, 12 January 2012

Started Modelling!

Firstly I'm going to admit how nervous I was as this moment started looming closer to actually happening. I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to make anything decent or well decent enough for my first proper go tutorial less. Plus I nearly always seemed to end up with a problem with my model which I was highly dreading would happen lots.

Well surprisingly it hasn't happened yet! Touch wood nothing majorly crazy will happen! I'm actually really pleased with myself, it took me most of today to get this done but I can only get quicker and better at it. After a little discussion with Simon on how to get started I was away and I actually cannot wait to carry on especially modelling the carousel poles with the little trick Simon taught me to make the spiral shaped. =D

Placing in some planes representing the ground and the Victorian Houses to help me get the scale right against the lower windows of the houses like the one from which my matte painting will view out from.

Roughly setting up my camera level with the lower windows like my concept painting and matte painting will show. Also using it to determine how much of the inside of the carousel roof detail I actually need to model due to what will be seen and what will not.

Close up of my carousel so far! I added a block on the right to represent the height of the carousel operator like in pictures I have researched so that I get the scale of the carousel correct.

Close up of my modelled bulbs, still more to add! Adjusted a few bulbs around the carousel to be wonky or not in line with the rest so that the kitsch, tacky, not very well made modern carousel idea is portrayed a bit. When adding the light/glow in them I think I'll dim a few, maybe have a few not lit to show the cheapness of it compared to a traditional Victorian carousel.


Steven Payne said...

lookin' slick, emma! :D

Andrew said...

Looking smooth!! Can't wait to see it finished!!