Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rethinking in progress!

Right time to stop trying to push something that I just don't think is working and listen to my brain. I think this idea was first kicked off with thanks to Anita and photoshop Phil having a discussion of instead of a toyshop doing a toy stall in a vast empty space, quite like some of Dan Witz's pieces. The thing with this was making sure there was the element of the familiar within the unknown. The unknown random placing of a toy stall in a big space, probably even more unknown if in the dark...but what familiar would surround this? An empty space isn't familiar is it? I then had Victorian cobbled streets and houses pop into my mind and the idea of this toy stall dropped into the familiar of the common Victorian street.

There is also the idea of a familiar traditional Victorian market at night where all the stalls are closed, metal fragments of what is built up during the day, except one. What is a toy stall doing open at night? But could it be full of Victorian toys or just have the one sitting there like the tin spinning tops standing wrongly on its point.

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