Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Photoshop: Week 13

This should have gone up a while ago but the constant battle in my head to get my ideas down on paper whether its virtual or physical which I will from this moment on refer to as mushbrain is still raging so I have only just got this finished.

I have been trying to use Phil's feedback from my ogr to take the elements/ideas I had for my toyshop and separate them out to create little batches of thumbnails for each and this photoshop one is for the repetition element I was looking at so there isn't detail of toys and other stuff, just the repetitive display units.
It is proving really hard to get this toyshop idea explored and this could be telling me it isn't working but I'm going to try and pursue it a bit longer and get those batches of thumbnails done before I decide whether I should abandon ship and head in the direction of the flickers of images my brain keeps waving in my face.

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tutorphil said...

sometimes a hunch (or flickers!) is creativity's way of telling you something...