Sunday, 8 January 2012

Thumbnails 25-33

I decided to try out compositions including a window as thinking about my matte painting it could either be something like this in the foreground or the background like the dark sky. I do in a way like the idea of a window as if out of all those houses lined up in the street someone is looking out and viewing the strangeness before them. I could maybe try a door also as if they are off out and bam are faced with this out of place object.
I also did some studies of Victorian houses/windows and the cobbled streets as there is no point modelling for a certain time in history if the houses are not correct to their period.


Lydia Caplan said...

I'm loving 27 and 29 :) The perspective for 27 would work brilliantly!! :)

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Lydia! :D