Thursday, 8 March 2012

Alice in Wonderland 'All in the Golden Afternoon'

Lydia and Freddie pointed out this scene from Alice in Wonderland featuring a garden of all sorts of flowers. You can really figure out their personalities from their shape, posture, colour and so this will really help me develop my own giddy plant.


Freddie Rolph said...

I love the daisy in this video. I think it'll be perfect for your Giddy plant but the Lilly looks like it could also be a good direction to go in.

maybe you could take a look at the Plant in the little shop of horrors, I know the plant in that isn't Giddy in any way but it's got a good range of movements in it that you could build upon. just a thought.

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Freddie I'll go take a look! :D