Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Delving into giddiness

After a really helpful talk with Phil including a chat about my pot plant's giddiness I have decided to go in the direction of giddiness as in the stereotypical ditsy blonde personality rather than the behaviour of becoming dizzy/uncoordinated due to whizzing around or something similar. There just seems like there is more of a story to tell about a ditsy pot plant.

I started by looking up lots of words that relate to giddy, I've now got a great list which should give me some headway into thinking about my character and storyline.


tutorphil said...

good stuff!

Sammy Butler said...

I like doing this too ^_^ Word Association.

I was thinking about possible reasons for you plant to be giddy and thought about a lonely plant in a big pot in a abandoned garden... then someone plants new plant in with her she's giddy. Just a seed idea (pun intended).
Loving all the videos btw :)

Emma Foster said...

Haha it'll be like yay new friend!! And great pun lol :)