Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Animation Workshop Homework: Key frames and establishing the placing of the character

Last Friday Meg asked us to produce 3 frames that summed up our stories so I thought the best way to do this would be by drawing a frame for each act. I picked part of the scene when Webster is wooing Delilah, the kiss and Webster celebrating with a flip. The only thing that Meg and I both noticed is that all three frames are straight on shots so I'm going to keep referencing these when doing my storyboard again to remind me to stop the static camera!
Next she asked us to produce 6 frames which would establish where our character/s are placed in the scene, so I started with a far street view of the florist's and gradually panned in until you go through the window to where Webster is. I know that most of these shots will not be used in my final animation mostly because it will just unnecessarily complicate things but it was a really useful exercise in allowing us to see in our minds the journey to our characters.


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