Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cartoon Kisses Influence

As a storyline for my plant pot becoming giddy is coming together I researched into exisitng cartoons which have the whole wooing another cartoon or getting kissed by another cartoon and having some loopy reaction so that I can get on with drawing my two characters. I noticed that there is the whole big eyed look but as a plant doesn't have eyes I have been thinking about portraying this within the leaves such as them elongating to their full length. I also noticed that there is a sort of celebrationary dance after the kiss normally with some sort of cheer/leap so that would help get my plant out of it's pot!

Lady and the Tramp is a good example of the flirting and wooing with the fluttering eyes before this kiss.

Tom and Jerry seems to be the best example of being giddy due to either a kiss or the appearance of a pretty character.


Sammy Butler said...

this is such a sweet idea... a flower trying to be kissed lol does bring the question of what does a flower offer to woo... he can't offer flowers but could make his petals into shapes. I like where this idea is going :)

Emma Foster said...

Ohh thanks Sammy I never thought of that! The wooing part at the beginning was the bit I was struggling with, will def give that a shot! :D