Sunday, 25 March 2012

Letting loose with Delilah the Daffodil

It has become my mission to find a way that can help me loosen up and really try and get my character designs stronger so I have been thinking of how I can possibly use something I am comfortable with to my advantage. After a discussion with Meg during last Friday's lesson she told me to grab a big piece of paper and just draw quickly across the page creating what would be similar to a gesture drawing. I then thought that I know I am more comfortable with painting, it is my preferred medium and I have found that when it comes to trying to get my first ideas down through pencil I tend to stiffen up and stop myself being more expressive. I'm not too sure how I manage that and so I have resorted to the paintbrush!

In the paintings below I have lost all detail rather focusing on shape and form to get the head and leaves more expressive and really see how she could be flirtatious. Sammy and I had a great conversation about how she managed to get her candlestick more feminine after drawing a typically feminine hourglass figure so I have taken a similar approach.

Image Detail Image Detail
Some reference for a flirty feminine figure.

Firstly I used the hourglass references to quickly paint my own and then I experimented with the placing of leaves, thickening up parts of the step to resemble a bum and breasts.

I then took the paintings where the leaves made a bum and experimented more with them. I like 7 where the stem is poking out the front as if she is flirting with her leg.

Then it was time to try added the head with more size, I have simplified the nose and petals making them more rounded which I hope is more rubbery. I also realised that the pot I originally put the daffodil in didn't compliment her shape, I also think this pot will be better to squash and stretch when she moves.

Next up for the daffodil is to take the exaggeration further with the plasticine I have, really stretch it out, also this should help me get the poses down better!

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tutorphil said...

like it, Emma - feel the fear - and do it anyway! :) This is a good mission...