Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unit 5: Some story ideas

It has taken me a while to lock down the basis of some story ideas because I have been rather struggling with combining my two components so I have been researching and researching and doing my other unit tasks while I think about stories so I'm not just sitting there doing absolutely nothing for a day.

I have come up with 4 stories so far, they are not in premise/logline ect just yet but I thought I would post them anyway to get some feedback rather than wasting time.

1. In a florists it is the want to be taken away to be received as a gift and so the potted plants are very strict and serious about behaving in a way that will make them wanted. One potted plant however doesn't seem to understand this and is content on being in her own dream world. Her neighbour is disgusted by her lack of understanding and refuses to have anything to do with her while she is being silly. That is until she does something so silly that he cannot help but chuckle, smile and accept her.

(Silly incidents that could lead to acceptance)
-Giddy potted plant is fascinated by an empty plant pot  and sticks her head in it, she gets herself stuck in the draining holes and so this upside down pot becomes her new pot.
-Gift wrap ribbon is hanging from the shelf above her and she gets distracted by it ending up pulling it down and a load of tissue wrap on top of her.
-She doesn't know what the decorative bow on her pot is and takes it upon herself to try and remove this strange thing but ends up becoming tangled in it.

2. One potted plant is looked down upon by the rest of the potted plants because they think she is useless and silly but when one of these snobby plants gets into trouble the giddy plant comes to the rescue and from then on is accepted.

3. A lonely potted plant sits on a window sill the days going by and its plastic pot spliting due to the hot sun pouring in through the window. One day she awakens to find herself in an all new pot beside another plant away from the window. She is ecstatic and becomes all crazy and silly until she accidently uproots herself. She awakens again to this time find herself in the pot with the other plant.

4. It is nature for bees to take pollen/nectar from plants but a group of potted plants outside a florists are unusually scared of bees and will not let them anywhere near them. A giddy plaant doesn't understand why they are scared and ends up befriending one of the bees with her bubbly silly personality. The other pot plants see there is nothing to be afraid of and so nature is restored.

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tutorphil said...

Hey Emma - you know, people are described as 'giddy' if they're newly in love, let's say, for example, after their first kiss... So you could have a story about 2 flowers courting - a kiss between them, with the 'kissed' flower all giddy - it could be a nerdy flower kissed by a glam flower (also, just think about this as a flower in a pot, Emma), and the nerdy flower could be all blushing, and giddy (and literally giddy!) etc.