Thursday, 15 March 2012

Possible flowers for characters

Thinking about the types of flowers that could be suitable for my two characters and a chat with some people today I have decided on these two plants/flowers for my characters. These could change but especially with the daffodil could end up working really well.

Elegant/pretty flower

I think a daffodil is suitable for the pot plant which causes the giddiness as it is tall which seems really elegant, its leaves would be effective in putting near its face and giggling. Also there is a nose/ mouth like feature about the middle of the daffodil which could be used for the kiss.

Geeky/ nerdy plant

A spider plant seems suitable for a more geeky personality but it would also work with being shy as the leaves could be curled up. The leaves could then be used to form shapes to woo the daffodil like a heart and similarly to Bugs Bunny's ears stretch up to their maximum when he is stunned at being kissed and becomes giddy.

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