Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Unit 5 Animation Workshop: Week 1

Last Friday we had our first animation workshop with Meg Bisineer. It was extremely different and I was really nervous and not sure what I was doing was right but after a little while I got into it and think I properly know what a gesture drawing is now doh!

We started off by drawing scrunched up pieces of paper without looking at the page, we then tried to apply a gesture to them.

I think this came out pretty well considering we weren't allowed to look at the page!

My gesture for the scrunched up paper seems to be grumpy, as if it's hunched over.

We then took it in turns to model for a gesture drawing, mine started off really strange because I was unsure how to draw it without drawing the outline but then they started to come together.

I'll be posting the object morph from the lesson tomorrow when we've finished putting it together.

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