Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Unit 5: More research

I'm trying to decide which definition of giddy I want to go for... the dizzy, sense of falling and vertigo or the silly, scatterbrain, light-headed form of giddy.
Thinking of the dizzy type of giddy it came to the question would my potted plant make things feel giddy or would it itself be made giddy. I don't know why just yet but I had this image of this potted plant sitting on a typical windowsill and gusts of wind blowing it making it seem dizzy and then doing something drastic to escape from the windowsill like uprooting itself and bounding along without its pot.

With the other type of giddy in mind I was reminded of those annoying flower toys that dance to songs. (I managed to find one without a song playing over it to spare you ripping your head off)
Perhaps my potted plant is bored of the same environment when something out of the ordinary arrives...something that makes music and it becomes all giddy from it.
I also found this nice little animation which really helps in seeing how the parts of the potted plant become personified to the human body.

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