Saturday, 10 March 2012

'Giddy' Flowers

Finally managed to upload this research into flowers for my pot plant. The big questions I was asking myself were how could a flower look giddy? and which flowers have a silly quality about them.

The Alice in Wonderland video I posted earlier was especially useful in establishing which flowers had too much elegance about them such as roses and which just didn't seem like they could be giddy. There was one which straight away caught my attention as being ditsy like and that was the daffodil with what could represent a big nose. I found that big petalled  flowers seemed to embody giddy more than others especially if there was a frilly/ floppy quality about them.D

I did like the sunflower and gerbera which do not have this frilly/floppy quality about their petals as much but the big face they have reminded me of the wide eyes giddy females sometimes have.

I really like the fushia flowers especially the ones that look like they're wearing tutus but the problem with having a fushia as my giddy pot plant is that I may not be able to have one, fushias being a bush rather than a single or a couple of flowers. Another set back is the dandilion puff because it's more a weed than a pot plant so doesn't really fit into the character I have been given but it would have been good for showing giddy.

Another that really stands out to me is the tulip, but not the regular tulip. I found out that there is a really frilly one that looks like its been ripped and also sort of like a siamese fighter fish. It's called a parrot tulip and I can just see this tulip giggling away with it's feathery petals shaking about with laughter.


Sammy Butler said...

I like the tulip best because animating the movement of the petals and well as the re-shaping of that tube head could look nice and dramatic. Which ever one you go for it should have several petals so you have more to play with (as apposed to 3 petals etc) :) Nice stuff

Emma Foster said...

Thanks Sammy you're def right about the more petals there are the more there is to play with with my giddy behaviour so I'll keep this in mind! :)